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Price Raw part

Our Nhan Dat Construction Company owns many architects and construction engineers who are enthusiastic, creative, dynamic and experienced in the field of consulting, architectural design and construction. Nhan Dat Construction would like to send you the reference price for construction. We are committed to giving homeowners a solid, long-lasting and high aesthetic.


UNIT PRICE RAW PART STARTED ON  01/01/2022 until there is a new update on the website

Unit price 3,850,000/m2xd for townhouses with total floor area > 350 m2xd

Unit price 3,950,000/m2xd for townhouses with a total floor area of 300 to 350 m2xd

Unit price 4,050,000/m2xd for townhouses with total floor area 250 to 300 m2xd

The unit price is from 4,200,000 to 4,500,000/m2xd for villas, office buildings with complex scales.

How to calculate the construction area, please see HERE


  • The construction has an elevator with an additional 10 million/floor
  • For Villas, a complete design drawing is required.

The above price includes:

  • 50% discount on the architectural design document costs when signing the contract for raw part construction.
  • 30% discount on interior 3D design document costs when signing the contract for interior construction.
  • Free all inspection costs, state agencies during the construction process (within the scope of the construction permit, all unauthorized expenses required by the investors, they will be solely responsible for all unauthorized expenses).
  • Commitment does not arise during the construction process.
  • The above unit price does not include Value-Added Tax (10%VAT).
  • The above unit price applies to new construction works, favorable construction conditions, truck alleys, works in the vicinity of the company, not for repair and upgrade houses.

The above price table is valid from January 01, 2022 until there is a new update on the website:

*** The raw part of NHAN DAT includes: hot and cold water piping system available, complete wall concealed wiring. The whole water supply pipe is PPR pipe (heat-welded pipe).

– If you have full drawings or need to renovate and repair, Nhan Dat construction company will make an exact quotation estimated table after receiving a full design drawing and confirming the type of finishing materials with the investor.

Construction Core Values Build Satisfaction
Core Values ​​of Build Satisfaction


1/ Stone 1x2cm, 4x6cm = BINH DIEN Stone

Raw Unit Price - greenstone, concrete block fill

2/ Sand for concrete and building sand = GOLD DUST (all constructions use this sand, except for leveling items)

Large-grained golden sand - raw manure construction cost
Concrete sand and building sand

3/ Steel – VIET NHAT (from phi 6 to phi 22):

Viet Nhat Iron - Unit Price of Raw Parts - Prestigious construction design company
Steel – Viet Nhat

4/ HOLCIM Cement (for concrete work), HA TIEN (for decorative painting work):

Cement for high quality raw parts
Holcim cement

5/ Brick = BINH DUONG TUNEL – Brick size is 8x8x18cm: (the owner chooses any)

Prestigious and good quality brands in the market such as: Tam Quynh, Thanh Tam, Phuoc An, Duc Thanh Phat….

Bricks tunnel 8*8*18

Construction contractor waits for full, the investor only buys complete equipment)

quotation of rough construction - dawn plastic pipe
Water supply pipe – dawn plastic
quotation of rough parts-finishing labor, PPR water supply pipes
water supply pipe PPR
Raw quality - including the cost of hot water pipes - vespo hot water pipes
Hot and cold water supply pipes[/caption ]

7/ Rapid setting admixture for concrete SIKA R7 (R4) or SUPER STRONG R7 (R4):

Raw unit price - concrete setting admixture
Concrete setting admixture

(Electricity wire is copper core cable, PVC insulated, with the extra anti-leakage system)

[caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Raw Unit Price - vadivi wire Power cord = CADIVI TYPE 1

9/ Cable TV, Internet, telephone = SINO:

raw unit price - seno cable - Prestigious construction design company
Seno cable – Reputable construction design company credit

10/ Pipes for the floor, the wall underground electrical wiring = HARD TUBE:

hard tube - raw unit price
Rigid conduit – raw unit price

11/ Chemicals, waterproofing additives

Raw Unit Price
Chemicals, waterproofing additives

You can refer to the samples of townhouses on the fanpage Nhan Dat construction company .