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Meaningful completion is a condition to be issued and exchanged for a pink book which shows the changes in the current state of the house after construction. beautiful house construction company

What is housing completion?

House completion is an administrative procedure in the construction of houses in order to confirm the fact that the investors and builders have completed the construction work after being granted a construction permit and have completed the construction with acceptance test for completion of the construction work. Meaningful completion of construction is a condition to be re-issued with a pink book, which shows the changes in the current state of the land after construction. beautiful house construction company

beautiful house construction company

Dossier for completion of house construction

House completion procedures (construction completion procedures) include: 

A. Contractor: 

1. Contract Construction contract (1 copy)

2. Liquidation minutes contract co-construction (1 copy)

3. Invoice financial application under contract construction contract (1 copy)

4. Drawing complete public (2 originals)

5. Minutes of inspection of completion success of construction (1 original)

6. Certificate of business license of house contractor (1 certified true copy)

B. Owner investment: 

7. Application proposal proposal registration variable dynamic property (or grant of QSDND-T/H need change book) (1 original)

8. Certificate of right to use House in and residential land (before when construction) (1 original)

9. Drawing applying for a construction permit with a construction permit (1 copy copy of the drawing applying for a construction permit,1 a certified true copy of the construction permit)

10. Sheet declaration fees land (1 copy)

11. Sheet declaration fees in advance register (1 copy copy)

12. Documents fish personality of person in the name of owner (ID card, certificate registration marriage, household password) (1 certified true copy)

Where to submit the application for completion of the house: At the People’s Committee of the district where you built the house.

House completion process and time

Flowchart of the process of receiving and processing dossiers of issuance of certificates of ownership of houses and other assets attached to residential land, ownership of construction works (documentation for grant of certificates for individuals) – Processing time: 30 working days from the date of receipt of complete documents.)beautiful house construction company

beautiful house construction company

Step 1:

The owner submits the application, receives the Tax transfer slip (District Tax Department) and receives the Certificate at the Office of the District People’s Committee (Receiving and returning team) on the principle of “one door”.

Step 2:

The People’s Committee’s Office will transfer the file to the Urban Management Office of the district to accept the dossier, draft the Statement + certificate (or sign the official letter of reply not agreeing to handle the dossier), make a payment transfer slip. Department of Taxationdistrict – district to determine financial obligations.

Step 3:

The Office of the People’s Committee submits to the Chairman of the People’s Committee of the district to sign the Certificate and receive back the signed document and certificate, transfer it to the Receiving Team and return the dossier to return to the owner.

Step 4:

The owner receives the transfer slip to contact the District Tax Department. After completing the financial obligations, the owner should contact the District People’s Committee Office to receive the Certificate.


– The determination of the specific time for each stage and part of this process is decided by the chairperson of the district People’s Committee based on the actual situation of the locality.

– For an application that is not eligible for a Certificate, the District Urban Management Office will send a written reply (specifying the reason) within 15 days.

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