10 things to do before building a house :Building a Beautiful Townhouse

1.See age and house orientation by feng shui

“Humans and living beings are born with a field, called the human body field, we often call it bioelectricity, each biological field with different strength and weakness, will be suitable for the direction of the human body. The field of Heaven – Earth is not the same, it’s called the palace of life.

With the impact of changing the transmission of the electric body at any time by induction with the earth’s magnetic field, it forms a reciprocal effect that affects each other and produces forward or reverse, good or bad.”


Those nine stars have gas properties with the five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth (according to the Horoscope. Each person is also placed in a certain direction of the Bagua map of the zodiac. Network: There are Can network, Kham array, Can network, Chan network, Ton network, Ly network, Khon network, Doai network. Counting from the year of birth, we will know which direction each person’s life sign is

2. Calculating the investment.

<3 A beautiful home must invest both money and effort. The more closely you plan your calculations, the closer the results will be to your ideas. 

You should calculate in advance to have an overall view, consider from financial issues (how much should you invest in your house), ideas, materials to choosing the right time to invest in your house. build. when the results of the work will make you more satisfied

3. Consult carefully before building a house

You can refer to the houses of neighbors, relatives, friends and specialized books and newspapers to have certain knowledge about interior design and style… This reference is also easy to help you. Visualize your ideal home with its interior. Note not to be too greedy when you want to combine all the beauties in other houses into your house, because it will probably make your house become cluttered and messy. Please exchange your ideas with the architect. They will give you suggestions or advice that you may need to perfect your home idea

4. Discuss with family members

If you build your own house, it’s fine, but if you have other members, you should talk to everyone before building a house. This will help cover the needs and harmonize everyone’s preferences to arrive at the most reasonable common space design for the whole family. For personal space, it is best to let each person have their own opinion on the arrangement and design of that space

5. Determine your location

Always identify yourself as the homeowner, who has the right to decide, who knows what you need in the house, what you need in the space you will live in, what the house will say about the owner’s personality. …But you also need to respect the architect’s ideas to spark their creativity. Determining your location will give you a way to work effectively with architects, contractors and interior decorators

6. Find a professional architect and interior designer

Usually, we calculate it ourselves or assign it to the contractor from design to construction, but that is not very effective. Professional consultants, architects and interior decorators. will offer the best methods for every detail and the optimal solutions for the house. The professional way of working also saves you time and effort, you may worry about the cost of the service, but working with a professional will help you in many cases such as saving money in the long run. using smart materials, using reasonable labor, avoiding possible mistakes, increasing the creativity of the project… Building Beautiful Townhouses

7. Contractor selection

The contractor is an important factor affecting the quality of the work. You should consult friends and relatives – who have been in contact and worked with contractors to be able to find good contractors. If you can’t find a reliable person in this way, please choose a construction company with full legal status and practice function.

At the same time, there must be a clear contract as well as agreements with the contractor on contracting the whole, contracting part or separately calculating the cost of materials, labor…Building Beautiful Townhouses

Building Beautiful Townhouses

8. Project supervision

The construction is also very important to the quality, technical and aesthetic of the work. Better yet, you should ask the architect to take the time to supervise, because that is the designer and understands the work that the contractor must do to meet the design requirements. You can also find a trusted, knowledgeable construction worker to oversee the terms of a contract or agreement between you and the contractor. Building Beautiful Townhouses

Building Beautiful Townhouses

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