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Are you in need of home repair because of changes in use? Or simply, you just want to redo one or a few of the following items: repainting the house, merging rooms, dividing rooms, redoing the kitchen, making plaster ceilings, toilets, re-paving the floor, re-running the system electricity and water, waterproofing, re-roofing the corrugated iron roof, … or any work related to home repair.

As you all know, home repair is one of the most complicated work items and requires you to have enough knowledge and expertise in the field of construction, but also to be knowledgeable about building structures and even synchronization with the architecture, give you and your family peace of mind about the quality of the house.

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House status survey
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Check the current state of the house
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Make a home repair plan
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Perspective of the facade of home repair

Consulting, surveying, designing and construction repairing packages service in Ho Chi Minh City

The house is always one of the top concerns of everyone. Over time, every house you live in will inevitably deteriorate. Meanwhile, your economic conditions or your area where you live have not yet allowed you to design and build a completely new house. Moreover, your house can completely continue to be used when it is renovated and repaired.

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Floor repair
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Renovate and refresh stairs

Because of the above reasons, our company that is specializing in consulting, surveying, designing and construction repairing services for home repairing packages in Ho Chi Minh City will help you renovate your house, to meet all requirements on aesthetics, quality and usability of customers with the most economical cost and the fastest time.  (Repair Unit Price)


Reasons to repair and renovate the house

There are many cracks on the wall, the wall pieces are soaked with water, mortar, the wall paint is discolored, the paint is peeling, making the house damp, patchy, unsightly and unsafe during use.


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When used for a long time, the ceiling appears crow’s feet cracks, yellowing due to water infiltration, stagnant water and then dripping down.

Incidents caused by improper technical construction, the use of poor-quality steel materials along with long-term use lead to many cracks appearing on the body of columns, beams or walls such as at the adjacent edge position. with the column, fracture at the edge adjacent to the wall (formwork), crack at the position adjacent to the upper wall of the beam.

Issues in other regions and changing usage needs

  • The stairs are degraded, dark, dimly lit or too steep, narrow no longer suitable for modern style and usage needs.
  • You want to renew or build more toilets to meet the needs.
  • The original design of the house is no longer suitable for the current needs of the family, so you need to renovate and repair it.
  • Barriers and fences are seriously degraded and need to be renovated or rebuilt…
  • When you encounter the above problems, which easily lead to making family life difficult, inconvenient, even uncomfortable, and unsafe, you want to repair it to have a new living space, to meet the needs of life and more accordant with contemporary aesthetics.

Please contact us immediately, specializing in designing and renovating old houses with the cheapest, fastest and best quality package.

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home repair package in Tan Binh district
Overview home repair

Cheap home repair services package in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Demolition of old houses, demolition of works
  • Residential design consulting
  • Repair and renovate the house package
  • Repairing and renovating villas, apartments, townhouses, group houses…
  • Expanding, renovating the house, building a new floor, renovating the balcony, terrace…
  • Repair and renovate all housing and construction items as required
  • Repair, renovate the living room, kitchen, bathroom
  • Repairing and renovating bedrooms, offices, worship rooms
  • Repairing and renovating the garden, landscape exterior
  • Tear down old walls, plaster and repaint
  • Making plaster ceilings, partitions, partition walls for houses, offices, showrooms…
  • Repair of electricity, water and sanitation systems
  • Fix problems with walls, ceilings, cracked beams and columns
  • Lifting and lowering the foundation of the building
  • Waterproofing ceilings, walls, floors, fixing the root leak problem
  • Anti-leakage, cracking, subsidence works
  • Cutting iron doors, corrugated iron roofs, drilling and cutting concrete
  • New construction of three steps, fences…

Steps to carry out home repair packages at districts in Ho Chi Minh City (Repair unit price)

Step 1: The company receives customers’ requests by phone, email and face-to-face meeting;

Step 2: Technical staff will come to your site to survey the current status, consult and quote;

Step 3: Two parties discuss and agree on the working records and sign the contract;

Step 4: The company implements the work according to the signed contract;

Step 5: On schedule, you check and accept the work step by step, the whole project and make payment.

Step 6: The company will make the guarantee for construction according to the terms committed in the contract.

Document and design steps for home repair package in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Technical design document 
  • The Bill of Quantities Detailed 
  • Table of types of materials
  • Table of total construction progress and detailed title of each item, construction methods, labor safety
  • Project Diary
  • Advice and guidance on the construction process from foundation to roof
  • Construction, renovation and repair of houses and works

You can refer to the samples of townhouses on the fanpage Nhan Dat construction company.

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