Monitoring service

Supervision Consultant Expense

BUILDING HOME: Almost a person can only build one house in his life, so there are many concerns when he wants to build a house RIGHT for what he spends. HOW TO ACHIEVE . SOCKS OF WORKING LETS

You want to find Prestigious Construction Supervision Consulting Company < /p>

& nbsp; There are as a private method of the binding

  • & nbsp; THE COMPANY IS ESTABLISHED & gt; 5 years. Consultant quantity & gt; 500++ Customers & nbsp;

  • & nbsp; Having a team of construction engineers with university degree, experience in supervision & gt; 30-50 / house

  • & nbsp; Engineer with professional qualification in supervision, supervised only

  • & nbsp; Established company specializing in Construction Supervision & gt; 4 years

  • & nbsp; Engineers equipped with tablets and professional for inspection/acceptance work

  • & nbsp; Experimental procedure according to SCQC – ITP standards

  • & nbsp; Concrete/ink grabbing tool to take out concrete/glaze quality test center & nbsp;

Consulting Company Nhan Dat Construction Investment & nbsp; support & Free & In the stages of design, operating and selection of construction contractors, consulting construction contracts, consulting during supervision, etc., we have supported the homeowner’s goods consultant in inspection and appraisal work. Check the combined design / electricity and water drawings to adjust the time before and during the construction to create peace of mind for the homeowner, as well as the company to ensure stability in the future.


 Townhouse Construction Supervision

You can refer to the samples of townhouses on the fanpage Nhan Dat construction company .